In addition to or instead of a personal conversation you can of course also inform us by fax, e-mail or post and/or instruct us. What we require in any case for this is a written power of attorney, so that we can provide you with the corresponding power of attorney forms as a download here. (of course we are also available to assist you by telephone when filling in the forms)

Documents to download

a.) Please choose the power of attorney for labour law problems, the power of attorney for criminal law, traffic law and fine law for all criminal law, traffic law and criminal proceedings and for all other problem areas the general power of attorney and fill out the relevant form.

b.) A power of attorney must be signed - unfortunately you cannot send us the power of attorney as an online form. Print out the power of attorney and sign it.

Then please send the power of attorney by

  • Fax to 040 - 524 743 - 899 or
  • as a scanned PDF document by e-mail.

Please note that we can only do nothing with the power of attorney; of course we need a lot of additional information. If you have not yet informed us about the case orally or by telephone, you should therefore add as detailed a description as possible by e-mail or fax and in particular also send us the relevant documents (depending on the case, either the bill of indictment, the fine notice, the notice of termination, etc.).

Please note that if you send us a power of attorney and accompanying information, an assignment will not automatically be made. An order is only considered accepted after confirmation by us.

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