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Our law office Dr. Granzin Rechtsanwälte concentrates on the consulting and representation in the areas of labour law, criminal law and traffic law. We dedicate our expertise to your individual case and offer you a competent consultation and “tailor-made” solution.

We provide our services at our two locations in Hamburg, Schwerin and several towns in Northern Germany!

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Labour Law

Problems with work, language and understanding German law?

Starting a job in a foreign country like Germany brings a lot of changes. Surely the biggest challenge is to manage the language, not only in your free time but especially at work. But what if problems with your employer arise? This could be a simple misunderstanding due to the so-called language barrier or: genuine labour law issues. Either way we can help you with our legal expertise and fluently English speaking lawyers, explain the situation from the law perspective and help communicate with the other party.

Different to other nations the German law system is not based on case law. “Everything” is written in the law books, it is the job of lawyers and courts to apply and interpret these laws. Only if that doesn’t bring a solution verdicts of other high courts can be used to solve a legal problem if the cases are comparable.

German labour law is generally quite employee-friendly which makes it difficult for employers to dismiss their employees. On the other hand there are several deadlines to keep in mind to preserve your rights.

Our advantages for you: 

  • 6 of 6 lawyers focusing on labour law are certified specialists

  • As representors of employees and employers we know the perspective of both sides

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Labour Law for


You make a living at work to put the bread and butter on the table for you and your family? When it comes to work related legal issues it is important to get professional advice as soon as possible to enforce your rights. We will support you in the following concerns:

  • working contracts
  • payments of wages
  • written warnings
  • time limits
  • parental leave
  • workplace bullying and harassment
  • notices of cancellation
  • settlement agreement
  • imposing entitlements to holidays
  • dismissal with the option of altered conditions of employment Mindestlohn
  • part time agreements
  • certifications
  • lawsuits against notices of canceallation
  • working hours
  • any facet of labour law.

Labour Law for

Executive Managers

You are responsible for issues of human resources or a leading position? We know the difficulties that arise in this double position and consult you intnsively in the following areas:

  • employee contracts
  • employment contracts in leading positions
  • gratifications
  • cancellation agreement
  • dissolution contracts
  • any area of labour law regarding the special concerns of leading positions.

Labour Law for


They create, maintain and change workplaces and are involved in all aspects, rights and obligations of the work environment from the begining to the end of the employment? We will support you in every phase and on all levels of legal labour issues in your firm:

  • employment contracts
  • managing board contracts
  • company agreement
  • restructurization
  • labour  management regulation issues
  • labour law trainings
  • every area of labour law from the employer perspective.

Criminal law

Accused of a crime, what next?

In case of problems in the field of criminal law it is extremely important to act strategically and immediately from the beginning. Naturally it doesn’t make things easier if the language poses a problem between the suspect and the investigative authorities.

To secure your rights and avoid irreversible mistakes please don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer in case you were arrested or accused of a crime.

Our lawyers are certified specialists for Criminal law and fluent English speakers.

Our criminal defenders advise and represent you with commitment, sensitivity and the necessary experience in the field of criminal law. We support you with competency and stamina during the grim time of a criminal trial and help you through the interactions between the investigative authorities, posecutors and courts.

Traffic law

On the “right” side

A minor accident can happen easily and any time — especially if you recently moved to Germany and are used to driving on the other side of the road like for instance in Great Britain, Ireland or Australia. We can’t help you to get used to driving on the “right” side but we indeed can help you in fluent English concerning the legal issues that usually follow these incidents and their particularities due to the German law system. With our experience we will defend you against the other involved parties’ claims and of course enforce your demands and rights in and outside of court.

As traffic participants we all know that driving doesn’t always work smoothly. Sometimes things might even go wrong while we don’t even notice it instantly, nevertheless the consequences can be significant and substantial. Our traffic lawyer represents you with experience, skills and assertiveness in all matters of fines and misdemeanors. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information!

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